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Commerce Secretary Announces Fishery Disaster Determinations

The Secretary of Commerce has determined that a commercial fishery failure…
September 26, 2019 - Feature Story ,
Fishing boats in Sitka Harbor

Commerce Secretary Allocates $200 Million Fishery Disaster Funding Following 2017 Hurricanes

Nine fishery disasters on the West Coast and Alaska also funded.
10/24/2018 - Media Release ,
Fishing boats in Fulton Harbor, TX

Fishery Disaster Determinations

Below is a summary of fishery disaster determinations, in reverse chronological order, with information on each determination, including the disaster request, decision letter, press release, and funding authority.

Relevant Legislation and Resources—Fishery Disaster Assistance

Relevant Legislation NOAA Fisheries has the authority to administer fishery disaster assistance under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) and the Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act (IFA). Under both statutes, a request for

Fishery Disaster Assistance

Fisheries are subject to a number of factors that can cause sudden and…
Working waterfront

NOAA Fisheries Approves Second Round of Fisheries Disaster Relief Funds.

NOAA Fisheries is announcing the approval of the second round of fisheries…
02/24/2018 - Media Release ,