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Salmon Creek and Annex Creek Dam

Storage dam on Salmon Creek in Juneau, Alaska

Terror Lake (Hidden Basin Diversion)

Summary Project Name: Terror Lake (Hidden Basin Diversion) FERC Project Number: P-2743 Water Body: Kizhuyak River Region: SW Type of Project: Storage Dam Status: Operating, License Amendment in process

Nuyakuk River

Summary Project Name: Nuyakuk River FERC Project Number: P-14873 Region: SW Type of Project: Run-of-River Status: Preliminary Permit More Information Alaska Hydropower Project Review

Iguigig Risec

Summary River turbine being delivered to Iguigig Village Project Name: Iguigig Risec FERC Project Number: P-13511 Water Body: Kvichak Region: SW Type of Project: Hydrokinetic-River Status: 

Yakutat Alaska Wave Energy

Summary Project Name: Yakutat Alaska Wave Energy FERC Project Number: P-14438 Water Body: Yakutat Bay Region: SE Type of Project: Wave Status: Preliminary Permit Details Primary User: Yakutat

Wolf Creek Boatworks

Summary Project Name: Wolf Creek Boatworks FERC Project Number: P-14845 Water Body: Wolf Creek Region: SE Type of Project: Run-of-River Status: Operating Details Primary User: Wolf Creek Boatworks

Whitman Lake

Summary Project Name: Whitman Lake FERC Project Number: P-11841 Water Body: Whitman Creek Region: SE Type of Project: Storage Dam Status: Operating Details Primary User: Ketchikan Operating

Thayer Creek (Angoon)

Summary Project Name: Thayer Creek (Angoon) FERC Project Number: DI00-3-00 Water Body: Thayer Creek Region: SE Type of Project: Storage Dam Status: Preliminary Permit Details Primary User: Angoon

Sweetheart Lake

Summary Project Name: Sweetheart Lake FERC Project Number: P-13563 Water Body: Lower Sweetheart Lake/Sweetheart Creek Region: SE Type of Project: Storage Dam Status: Licensed, Construction Pending Details

Swan Lake Hydroelectric Facility

Summary Swan Lake Hydroelectric Facility Project Name: Swan Lake Hydroelectric Facility FERC Project Number: P-2911 Water Body: Falls Creek, Carrol Inlet Region: SE Type of Project: Storage Dam