Wild-caught fish on ice.

Seafood Commerce & Certification


NOAA Fisheries National Seafood Inspection Laboratory provides analyses, data management, regulatory compliance risk analysis, and technology transfer expertise to meet fishery management and seafood safety responsibilities. The lab shares seafood and aquatic animal health information and data with other federal and state agencies, academia, industry, media, and seafood consumers.

Chemical Services

We perform a number of analytical tests for clients in the seafood industry on imported and domestic fishery products on a fee-for-service basis. These services include testing products for methyl mercury, heavy metals, bisulfites, histamines, and moisture, as well as species identification and testing for veterinary drug analyses.

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Microbiological Services

We conduct microbiological analyses on fishery products to test for a number of contaminants, including listeria, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, fecal coliforms, and vibrio bacteria, among others.

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Species Identification

To help detect seafood fraud through species substitution, our scientists use a finfish muscle rapid screening process to identify genera and species. We’ve developed a simple, inexpensive, and fast method of screening for commonly-substituted species. Currently undergoing peer review for journal publication, our unique algorithm is part of proprietary software that uses a library of more than 100 authenticated species for comparison, and the library continues to grow.