Science Implementation, Policy, & Planning for Marine Mammals and Turtles

We provide expertise to facilitate state-of-the-art research and conservation for the Marine Mammal and Turtle Division.

St. Croix nesting leatherback beach showing erosion.

St. Croix nesting leatherback beach showing erosion. Photo: NOAA Fisheries/Kelly Stewart

The Science Implementation, Planning, & Policy Program maintains expertise in Marine Mammal and Turtle Division research, related mandates, and agency processes. We use this knowledge to support the Division's research portfolio, meet legal requirements, overcome logistical challenges, and efficiently use available resources in support of the science and management of marine mammals and turtles. We engage in strategic planning and communication to enable the Division's five research programs to successfully conduct mandated monitoring and innovative research in anticipation of emerging issues and management needs.

Last updated by Southwest Fisheries Science Center on August 06, 2020