ESA Field Monitoring Permit Renewal Application for Black Abalone


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NOAA Fisheries is requesting public comment on a permit renewal application. Please submit written comments by email to and include the permit number (18761-2R) in the subject line of the email.

The University of California, Santa Cruz, has requested to renew a research permit to monitor the status and trends of endangered black abalone at sites throughout California for an additional five years. Under the previous permit, researchers surveyed black abalone populations at long-term monitoring sites throughout California. The data collected informed the five-year status update for black abalone. Researchers also tested the feasibility of recruitment modules and were able to successfully deploy and maintain the modules at a few sites.

This renewal request would allow researchers to track population trends at long-term monitoring sites and deploy recruitment modules at a few sites for an additional five years. The activities proposed in the renewal request would benefit black abalone by providing valuable long-term monitoring data on black abalone numbers, sizes, spatial distribution, habitat, recruitment, genetic diversity, and health throughout the coast. These data will inform our assessments of black abalone status and recovery.

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 07/20/2020

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