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Fishing Capacity Reduction Program for the Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Fishery


Fishing Capacity Reduction Program
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Michael A. Sturtevant, (301) 427–8782


NOAA Fisheries issues this notice to inform the public that there will be a decrease of the fee rate required to repay the reduction loan financing the Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Fishing Capacity reduction program. Effective June 1, 2023, NOAA Fisheries is decreasing the Loan B fee rate to one percent of landed value to ensure timely repayment of the loan. The fee rate for Loan A will remain unchanged at one percent of landed value.

In 2018 the Southeast Revitalization Association (SRA) conducted a bid selection process accepting 36 bids to remove Southeast Alaska Purse Seine salmon permits under a proposed second fishing capacity reduction loan program. In accordance with regulations, the SRA submitted a reduction plan to NOAA Fisheries to implement the proposed second loan reduction program. From February 4, 2019 through March 6, 2019, NOAA Fisheries conducted a referendum in which a majority of the fisheries 315 permit holders voted to approve a $10,127,988 loan to remove 36 permits, which post reduction harvesters will repay in fees over a 40 year period. Accordingly, NOAA Fisheries is preparing to tender reduction payments to the accepted bidders and implement a fee-collection system to repay the second loan.

In 2011, NOAA Fisheries established regulations to implement a fishing capacity reduction program and an industry fee system to repay a $23,476,500 loan for the Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Fishery. The fee system involved future landings of the Reduction Fishery. This action's intent was to permanently reduce the most fishing capacity at the least cost and establish the fee system.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 06/01/2023

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