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Initiation of a 5-Year Review of Indo-Pacific Reef-Building Corals


Endangered Species Act
Action Status
Information Gathering
Affected Species
Acropora globiceps coral
Acropora jacquelineae coral
Acropora lokani coral
Acropora pharaonis coral
Acropora retusa coral
Acropora rudis coral
Acropora speciosa coral
Acropora tenella coral
Anacropora spinosa coral
Euphyllia paradivisa coral
Isopora crateriformis coral
Montipora australiensis coral
Pavona diffluens coral
Porites napopora coral
Seriatopora aculeata coral


We, NOAA Fisheries, announce the initiation of a 5-year review for 15 Indo-Pacific reef-building corals (Acropora globiceps, Acropora jacquelineae, Acropora lokani, Acropora pharaonis, Acropora retusa, Acropora rudis, Acropora speciosa, Acropora tenella, Anacropora spinosa, Euphyllia paradivisa, Isopora crateriformis, Montipora australiensis, Pavona diffluens, Porites napopora, and Seriatopora aculeata). We are required by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to conduct 5-year reviews to ensure that the listing classifications of species are accurate. The 5-year review must be based on the best scientific and commercial data available at the time of the review. We request submission of any such information on these 15 coral species, particularly information on the status, threats, and recovery of the species that has become available since their listing, effective September 10, 2014.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Regional Office on 02/18/2022

5-Year Review