Alaska Regional Office

P.O. Box 21668
709 W. 9th St., Rm 420 (UPS/Fed Ex only)
Juneau, AK, 99802-1668
Phone: (907) 586-7221
Rows of colored buoys in Jakolof Bay near Homer, Alaska mark the presence of an oyster mariculture production.

Key Contacts

Julie Speegle

Public Affairs Officer
Phone: (907) 586-7032

Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Network 24-hour Hotline

Phone: (877) 925-7773


Sustainable Fisheries Division

Phone: 907-586-7228

Protected Resources Division

Phone: 907-586-7236

Habitat Conservation Division

Phone: 907-586-7636

Restricted Access Management

Phone: 907-586-7474

Anchorage Field Office

Phone: 907-271-5006


Phone: 907-586-7225

Dutch Harbor Office (Sustainable Fisheries)

Phone: 907-581-2062

Kodiak Office (Sustainable Fisheries)

Phone: 907-481-1780