Protecting Marine Life in Alaska

The Protected Resources Division works to conserve and recover marine mammals - like whales and seals - in close coordination with the State of Alaska and other partners. 


Humpback whales bubble net feeding. Photo: Joe McCabe

To manage protected marine species, as required under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and Fur Seal Act, the Alaska Region:

  • Advances recovery of threatened and endangered species, including Cook Inlet beluga whales, North Pacific right whales, bowhead whales, western Steller sea lions, and Arctic ringed seals;
  • Works to minimize interactions between marine mammals and commercial fisheries;
  • Promotes responsible practices for marine mammal viewing;
  • Advances conservation of marine mammals, including whales, seals, and sea lions;
  • Coordinates response to stranded or entangled marine mammals through the Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Network;
  • Consults with federal agencies to minimize the effects of proposed actions - like coastal construction - on threatened and endangered species;
  • Cooperatively manages subsistence use of marine mammals through co-management agreements with Alaska Native organizations; and
  • Conducts reviews to determine if species warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act, or if ESA-listed species no longer need protection.

Species Managed




Endangered Species Act (ESA) Resources

ESA Species

Non-Marine Mammals Reviewed for ESA Listing

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