Nearshore Fish Atlas of Alaska

The distribution, relative abundance, and habitat use of nearshore fishes in Alaska.

Map of Alaska

Nearshore Fish Atlas

Shallow, nearshore waters are some of the most productive habitats in Alaska—and the most vulnerable to human disturbance. Using a beach seine as our sampling method, we have documented more than 100 fish species in a variety of nearshore habitats in an effort to identify essential fish habitat. The Atlas: 

  • Provides a quick reference for identifying species in areas designated for development or impacted by human disturbance (e.g., oil spill).
  • Allows resource managers to track long-term and large-scale changes in fish distribution and habitat use that may result from global climate change.
  • Helps resource managers prepare biological opinions and identify habitats essential to different life stages of commercially important and forage fish species.

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Fish Atlas



Contact Information

Steve Lewis
GIS Coordinator/Analyst
Analytical Team
NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Region
PH: (907) 586-7858

Mandy R. Lindeberg
Fisheries Research Biologist
NOAA Fisheries
Auke Bay Laboratories
PH:(907) 789-6616
Expertise: taxonomy and ecology of Alaskan macroalgae, ShoreZone mapping