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Nearshore Fish Atlas of Alaska

The distribution, relative abundance, and habitat use of nearshore fishes in Alaska.

fisher people beach seining in a kelp bed in Alaska

Nearshore Fish Atlas

Shallow, nearshore waters are some of the most productive habitats in Alaska and the most vulnerable to human disturbance. Using a beach seine as our sampling method, we have documented more than 100 fish species in a variety of nearshore habitats in an effort to identify essential fish habitat.

The Atlas:

  • Provides a quick reference for identifying species in areas designated for development or impacted by human disturbance (e.g., oil spill).
  • Allows resource managers to track long-term and large-scale changes in fish distribution and habitat use that may result from global climate change.
  • Helps resource managers prepare biological opinions and identify habitats essential to different life stages of commercially important and forage fish species.

Fish Atlas

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