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Celebrating Habitat Month 2020: Reconnecting with Habitat!

July 30, 2020

Dive into Habitat Month and learn how NOAA supports healthy habitat.

Turek Coonamessett River and Wetland Restoration Falmouth MA_750x500.jpg

Stand-up paddle boarders explore marsh around Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.Credit: Hank Carter.

We are excited to kick off Habitat Month at NOAA Fisheries. All month long, we will share our incredible habitat conservation efforts through our website and social media. The theme this year is, "Reconnecting with Habitat!”  It encompasses our desire to reconnect with partners, highlights the importance of habitat connectivity to our work, and includes community benefits from access to nature.

During this year’s Habitat Month, we will highlight a variety of different habitat conservation projects and products, announce funding for new projects from three grant competitions, and profile some of our staff and their different roles working on habitat. Follow us here and through Twitter on @NOAAHabitat and with the hashtag #HabitatMonth. Help spread the word about habitat conservation!

Habitat Features

How Habitat Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Connected

Why reconnect with habitat? Because it’s good for all of us—healthy habitat leads to improved mental and physical well-being and can inspire us to be better stewards of the environment.

Learn how healthy habitat can improve human health

Families Tide Pools Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area OR 1906x1271 image BLM.jpg

Collaborating on Coral Restoration in the Pacific Islands

A multi-year partnership between NOAA and The Nature Conservancy will help build capacity for coral restoration in the U.S. Pacific Islands.

Learn more about coral restoration in the Pacific Islands

hawaii-corals-750x500-credit Christine Shepard.png

Nearly $1 Million in NOAA Funding Recommended for Ruth Gates Coral Restoration Innovation Grants Projects

Four multi-year projects will develop novel coral restoration and intervention methods to restore resilient coral ecosystems.

Learn more about the Ruth Gates Coral Restoration Innovation Grants projects


NOAA’s Habitat Focus Areas: Showing Results

New story map shows how NOAA’s Habitat Focus Areas improve ecosystems, benefit communities, and advance science.

Learn more about NOAA's Habitat Focus Areas through this storymap

HFAs Showing Results.JPG

Meet NOAA's Habitat Conservation Team

Meet some of the members of NOAA's Habitat Conservation Team and get better acquainted with their work. Explore staff profiles to learn more about their current projects and what they find meaningful about their role in conserving habitat.

Meet some of NOAA's Habitat Conservation team


StoryMap: Oyster Reef Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay

Take a virtual tour to learn about how—and why—NOAA and partners are restoring oyster reef habitat in the Chesapeake Bay.

Learn more about oyster reef restoration through this storymap

oyster storymap screenshot.jpg

Habitat Conservation Infographics

Check out this series of 4 infographics that explain the benefits of healthy habitat and how NOAA's work supports habitat conservation. We specifically focus on the value of opening rivers for fish, coastal wetlands, and oyster restoration.

Learn more about habitat conservation through these infographics


Nominate Outstanding Steward in Coastal and Marine Habitat Conservation

The Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award nomination period is open until September 15, 2020.

Learn more about the Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Awards

Nancy Foster Image.jpg

Nearly $20 Million in 2020 NOAA Funding Recommended for Great Lakes Habitat Restoration

Investments in Great Lakes habitat restoration will benefit local economies, strengthen healthy ecosystems and fisheries, and support resilient communities.

Learn more about the funding recommended for Great Lakes habitat restoration

howard-marsh-construction 750x500.jpg

Nearly $13 Million in NOAA Funding Recommended for Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Projects

Funding for 31 new and continuing habitat restoration projects will support sustainable fisheries, protected species, and resilient ecosystems and communities across the nation.

Learn more about the coastal and marine habitat restoration projects

penobscot-veazie dam removal-credit Penobscot River Restoration Trust_750x500.jpg

Underwater Habitat‒Working for You!

Underwater habitat, includes shallow coraloyster reefs, and deep-sea coral. Many commercially important fish species depend on these habitats for food and shelter. They also support tourism and protect coastlines, but these habitats are threatened by rising ocean temperatures, pollution, and other factors. Learn more about how NOAA works to conserve these important underwater habitats.

Learn more about underwater habitat


NOAA Environmental Science Training Center

NOAA Environmental Science Training Center workshops give Chesapeake Bay watershed educators knowledge and tools they need.

Learn more about the NOAA Environmental Science Training Center


Living Shorelines: Leading by Example

We provide technical assistance on project design and siting, fund pilot projects to develop shoreline stabilization techniques, and conduct biological research to evaluate innovative techniques.

Learn more about our work with living shorelines


Habitat Videos

Mission: Iconic Reefs

NOAA and partners have launched an unprecedented effort to restore seven ecologically and culturally significant coral reefs within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Mission: Iconic Reefs.

Veterans Work to Restore Salmon Habitat

Veterans work to restore salmon habitat in California's Eel River Watershed.

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