Dolphin-Safe Captain's Training Course - Japanese

Japanese version of the Dolphin-Safe Captain’s Training Course and Captain's Statement Template. Vessel captains must complete the Tuna Tracking and Verification Program Dolphin-Safe Captain’s Training Course for tuna to be certified as dolphin-safe.

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下記はアメリカ合衆国海洋漁業局のマグロ検索証明プログラムの船長用イルカ無害研修コ‐スと船長による保証陳述書の新書式のインターネットリンクです。これらは、 2016 年 5 月 21 日以降に始まる航行に適用されます。これらの新しい要件は東部熱帯太平洋での400 ショートトン(362.8MT)以上の運搬能力を持つ大型巾着網船の航行には適用されません。

Below are Internet links to the National Marine Fisheries Service Tuna Tracking and Verification Program's dolphin-safe captain's training course and to the new Captain's statement template. These apply to fishing trips that begin on or after May 21, 2016. These new requirements do not apply to large purse seine vessels fishing in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean which have a carrying capacity of more than 400 short tons (362.8 mt).

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