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Population Dynamics: International Collaboration

Our staff are experts in stock assessments and regularly contribute to assessments beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. waters in both the Northwest and Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

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U.S./Canada Waters

Transboundary Resources Assessment Committee

Since 1998, the Transboundary Resources Assessment Committee  has conducted and reviewed stock assessments and projections. These are necessary to support management activities for shared resources across the U.S.-Canada boundary in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank region. It is the scientific arm of the U.S.-Canada Transboundary Resources Steering Committee. This group ensures discussion between the United States and Canada on transboundary integrated ecosystem management issues associated with the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank marine environment. The TRAC assesses Eastern Georges Bank haddock, Eastern Georges Bank cod, and Georges Bank yellowtail flounder stocks. It meets yearly to update and peer review the assessments.

The assessments developed by the TRAC are peer reviewed using an integrated process involving both TRAC assessment scientists and external experts. The assessments are used to advise the Transboundary Management Guidance Committee (TMGC) on the status of these resources, and any consequences of management policy changes. The TMGC, in turn, provides management recommendations to the U.S.-Canada Transboundary Resources Steering Committee. This committee provides final recommendations that are then considered and implemented within each country's domestic fisheries management process.

Northwest Atlantic Waters

International Fisheries Stock Assessment Management

We provide stock assessment advice to a number of organizations that have Treaties of Understandings with the United States. We are a formal member of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization. Each year we send a delegation to participate in scientific and management meetings. 

Northeast Atlantic Waters

International Council for Exploration of the Sea

Our staff participate in the scientific exchange of information about fisheries beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. waters. As experts in assessments, we contribute research to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). We participate broadly in ICES Working Groups and present scientific information at meetings with other scientists. 

Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on July 25, 2023