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World Fish Migration Day 2022

Join us in celebrating World Fish Migration Day 2022! Learn more about how NOAA helps migratory fish and communities by opening or improving access to river and stream habitat.
750x500shutterstock_666342400_04272019.jpg Atlantic salmon leaps upstream. Credit: Shutterstock

NOAA Releases Two Key Reports, Status of Stocks and Fisheries of the United States

U.S. fisheries held steady in 2021, with more than 90 percent of stocks not subject to overfishing and 80 percent not overfished.
School of fish School of yellowfin tuna in the Atlantic Ocean. Credit: iStock

An Isolated Population of Antarctic Fur Seals Could Save the Species, but They’re Disappearing

Losing fur seals from the South Shetland Islands means losing crucial genetic diversity the species may need to adapt to rapid climate change.
May 12, 2022 - Feature Story ,
fur seal pups on rocky beach, Antarctica Antarctic fur seal pups at Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica. MMPA permit number: 25786. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Sergio Morales

Critically Endangered Vaquita Porpoise Not Doomed to Extinction by Inbreeding Depression

Study finds vaquitas are unlikely to be heavily impacted by inbreeding depression that can often undermine the survival of small populations, and have a high probability to recover if deaths in gillnets are immediately halted.
May 05, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Photograph of a mother vaquita and her calf surfacing in the waters off San Felipe, Mexico. As recently as Fall 2021 vaquitas were seen with calves. Credit: Paula Olson, 2008. A mother and calf vaquita surface in the waters off San Felipe, Mexico. As recently as Fall 2021 vaquitas were seen with calves. Credit: Paula Olson, 2008

Researchers Find Massive Rare Sponge Mounds Hiding in the Deep Sea

NOAA scientists and collaborators have found rare deep-sea sponge mounds between two of California’s most explored marine protected areas, signifying how vast and mysterious our ocean truly is.
May 05, 2022 - Feature Story ,
An isolated living white glass sponge on the seafloor This living glass sponge was spotted during a 2018 cruise. This photo reveals the bright colors and textures commonly associated with the living sponge, which is usually found in small patches. Credit: NOAA Fisheries, Marine Applied Research and Exploration.

2022 CalCOFI Spring Survey

April 4, 2022, to April 28, 2022, NOAA Ship Bell M Shimada sails between San Francisco and San Diego, California, assessing pelagic fish stocks and monitoring environmental conditions.
April 29, 2022 - News ,

Recommended 2022 Species Recovery Grants Projects

NOAA Fisheries has recommended $6.2 million in funding for 12 new projects and 13 ongoing projects.
Cook Inlet beluga whale Cook Inlet beluga whale

Migrating Puget Sound Steelhead Face Increased Predation at Hood Canal Bridge

Threatened Puget Sound steelhead face many challenges on their migration, including infrastructure barriers like the Hood Canal floating bridge.
April 27, 2022 - Feature Story ,
floating bridge over blue waters

NOAA Fisheries Invites Public Comment on Draft Climate Regional Action Plans

NOAA Fisheries is soliciting input on its draft Climate Regional Action Plans to address climate-science needs in each region over the next three years.
NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker