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Alaska Marine Ecosystem Status Reports

Ecosystem Status Reports are produced annually to compile and summarize information about the status of the Alaska marine ecosystems for the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, the scientific community and the public. As of 2016, there are separate reports for the the Eastern Bering Sea (updated 2017), Aleutian Islands (updated 2016), the Gulf of Alaska (updated 2017), and Arctic (forthcoming) ecosystems. These reports include ecosystem report cards, ecosystem assessments, and ecosystem and ecosystem-based management indicators that together provide context for ecosystem-based fisheries management in Alaska.


Interactive Research Locations Map

The link below leads to an interactive database map that allows the user to view where Steller sea lion research has been carried out and what that research has been.

Steller Sea Lion Haulout and Rookery Locations in the United States

This dataset contains site names with corresponding geographic coordinates of 472 consistently-used and known Steller sea lion haul sites.

Steller Sea Lion Brand Database

This is a list of all Steller sea lions branded by National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMFS), Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Alaska Sea Life Center between 2000 and May 2014.

Steller Sea Lion Non-Pup Count Database

This file contains counts from the NMML database of non-pup (adult and juvenile) Steller sea lions in Alaska.

Steller Sea Lion Pup Count Database

This file contains counts from the NMML database of Steller sea lion pups on rookeries in Alaska.