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Environmental Assessment for an Extension of an Emergency Rule to Implement Reasonable and Prudent Steller Sea Lion Protection Measures in the Pollock Fisheries of the BSAI and the Groundfish Fishery of the GOA

This emergency rule would temporally and spatially disperse fishing effort by pollock fisheries in the BSAI and GOA and create pollock trawl exclusion zones around important Steller sea lion rookeries and haulouts.
July 16, 1999 - NEPA ,

Environmental Assessment for an Exempted Fishing Permit (99-04) to Test Artificial Bait Fabricated from Alaska Pollock Offal

This environmental assessment addresses an exempted fishing permit application to test artificial bait. If approved, this would allow the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation to compare its artificial bait to natural bait.
July 10, 1999 - NEPA ,

Environmental Assessment for an Exempted Fishing Permit (99-03) to Assess Existing and Proposed Methods of Species Composition Sampling

Exempted Fishing Permit to test the accuracy of at-sea observer basket sampling practices, the design and use of automated species composition sampling, and the effect of fish stratification by size in trawls and how that affects size composition sampling.
June 28, 1999 - NEPA ,

Washington Department of Natural Resources State Forest Trust Lands West of the Cascades Habitat Conservation Plan

This multi-species HCP has a 70- to 100-year term for 1.14 million acres of industrial timber lands managed by the Washington State.
June 16, 1999 - Document ,

Environmental Assessment for Exempted Fishing Permit 99-02 to Test the Effectiveness of Seabird Avoidance Measures Used on Catcher-Processor Vessels Using Hook-and-Line Gear to Fish for Pacific Cod in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area

This Environmental Assessment addresses an exempted fishing permit application to test the effectiveness of seabird avoidance measures on freezer longliners in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Pacific cod fishery.
May 01, 1999 - NEPA ,

The Pacific Coast Salmon Plan and Amendment 13 to the Plan

Supplemental Biological Opinion and Incidental Take Statement
April 28, 1999 - Document ,

Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review/Final Regulatory Flexibility Analysis for Regulatory Amendments Affecting Management of Halibut Fishing Under the Multispecies Community Development Quota Program

This document analyzes the impact of proposed regulatory amendments that implement the catch monitoring requirements for vessels, registered buyers, shoreside processors, and Community Development Quota groups. 
April 15, 1999 - NEPA ,

Distribution of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales in Winter - Final Report

Collaborative report by the U.S. Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service and NOAA Fisheries
April 01, 1999 - Other Reports ,