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Faces of Whale Conservation in the Pacific Islands

February 13, 2019

In this Q&A series, we highlight the important work of some of our conservation partners, who make fulfilling NOAA Fisheries’ ocean stewardship mission possible.


Studying and protecting the various whales and dolphins of Hawai‘i requires the expertise of not only NOAA staff and contractors, but also collaborating organizations and individuals across the islands and beyond. 

Below, meet five experts whose research and conservation activities have transformed our understanding of the islands’ whales.


Meet the Expert: Robin Baird


Robin Baird’s work has increased our understanding of the whales and dolphins of Hawaiʻi, especially false killer whales.

Read Robin’s Q & A

Meet the Expert: Lars Bejder


Lars Bejder’s research has helped us better understand tourism’s effects on marine mammals.

Read Lars’ Q & A

Meet the Expert: Marc Lammers


Marc Lammers is a pioneer of bioacoustic monitoring research for not just whales and dolphins, but also coral reefs.

Read Marc's Q & A

Meet the Expert: Adam Pack


Adam Pack has spent decades uncovering the mysteries of the humpback whales of Hawaiʻi.

Read Adam's Q & A

Meet the Expert: Kristi West


Kristi West conducts postmortem examinations which have revealed new insights into the biology and ecology of our local cetaceans—and the threats they face.

Read Kristi's Q & A

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