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Community Steps Up to Continue Yukon River Salmon Research During Pandemic

Local fishermen team up with scientists to find out why Chinook salmon returns to the Yukon River are declining.
May 19, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Photo of two technicians in a boat recording information on a tablet. Technicians Debbie and Boyo Alstrom, Alakanuk, AK, record information from salmon sampling. Credit: Tom Parker

Warming Ocean Will Challenge Snake River Salmon Survival in Coming Decades, New Research Shows

Even large populations may face a high risk of extinction by the 2060s.
February 18, 2021 - Feature Story ,
chinook salmon

Distribution And Abundance Of Forage Fish In Arctic And Sub-Arctic Waters Affected By Warming Ocean Conditions

A long-term study shows shifts in important prey for commercial fish, marine mammals, and seabirds in the eastern Bering Sea.
January 13, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Photo of workers on a boat deck with a surface trawl net.

Protecting the Critical Value of Nearshore Habitat

NOAA Fisheries asks project proponents to avoid further loss of key salmon habitat.
November 10, 2020 - Feature Story ,
Panoramic view of tidal estuary Nearshore waters in the tidal estuary where the Nisqually River enters Puget Sound.

Behind the Scenes of the Most Consumed Seafood

Learn about the robust and transparent environmental standards that make U.S. seafood sustainable.
September 30, 2020 - Feature Story ,
grilled tuna lemon with mayo_Mariners Menu_photo by Vanda Lewis_NC Sea Grant.jpg Grilled tuna lemon with mayo. Credit: North Carolina Sea Grant/Vanda Lewis.

Endangered Winter-run Chinook Salmon Increase with Millions of Offspring Headed to Sea

Conservation hatchery helps species weather difficult drought years.
December 06, 2019 - Feature Story ,
livingston stone hatchery USFWS win run chinook 2.jpg

Salmon Lose Diversity in Managed Rivers, Reducing Resilience to Environmental Change

Natural resilience is more important than ever in the face of unprecedented climate change.
December 05, 2019 - Feature Story ,
Smolt in hand