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Monitoring the Ecosystem in the Northeast

The most comprehensive, ongoing program exploring marine resources and oceanographic conditions in the Northwest Atlantic. Our analyses inform local and international fisheries management, protected species research, and climate science.

Fisheries Ecology in the Northeast

We study fisheries ecology: the relationship between important marine life and their environment. Our goal is to support sustainable wild and farmed fisheries on the Northeast shelf to create opportunities and benefits for the economy and ecosystem.

Highly Migratory Species Predictive Spatial Modeling (PRiSM): An Analytical Framework for Assessing the Performance of Spatial Fisheries Management

A new peer-reviewed paper has been published describing the Highly Migratory Species Predictive Spatial Modeling tool.
September 08, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Southwest Fisheries Science Center Stock Assessments

Our stock assessments provide information on the dynamics of fish populations and scientific information to fishery managers regarding stock status, historical and future biomass, and recruitment trends.
A pod of long-beaked common dolphins is seen jumping over the surface of the ocean. Long-beaked common dolphin school. Photo: NOAA Fisheries/Adam Ü

Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Research Team Publications

Publications related to the research by the Atlantic Salmon Ecosystem Research Team in support of endangered U.S. Atlantic salmon populations and the ecosystems that support these iconic fish.
September 09, 2020 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Fishery Monitoring for West Coast and International Fisheries

We transform fisheries data into fisheries information via summations and statistical analyses to support stock assessments, scientific studies, and national and international data reporting requirements.
4000x3000-Albacore Tagging-2012-Helena AryafarJPG

Population Dynamics of Coastal Pelagic and Highly Migratory Species in the North Pacific

We conduct analyses supporting the Fishery Management Plans for coastal pelagic species and highly migratory species.

Economics and Human Dimensions of Eastern Pacific and West Coast Fisheries

We conduct research on socioeconomic dimensions to support the conservation and management of international tuna fisheries, domestic Highly Migratory Species and Coastal Pelagic Species fisheries, marine recreational fisheries, and protected species.

Genetics, Physiology and Aquaculture in the Pacific

We conduct research across multiple focal areas and species through genetic and physiological tools to provide improved data products for managers and industry.
820 x 647. Red Abalone reestablishment project. Michael Ready. 2017.jpg

Coastal Pelagic and Highly Migratory Species Life History Research in the Pacific

We research the reproductive biology, growth, foraging ecology, and distribution of highly migratory and coastal pelagic species in the northeast Pacific Ocean.
FRD Homepage (1).jpg