Long-Beaked Common Dolphin

A group of long-beaked common dolphins jumping out of the water.

About The Species

Long-beaked common dolphins are usually found in large social groups averaging from 100 to 500 animals, but have been occasionally seen in larger herds of thousands of individuals. They are commonly found along the U.S. west coast, from Baja California (including the Gulf of California) northward to about central California. These gregarious, energetic dolphins are commonly seen swimming rapidly, "breaching", "porpoising", and will often approach ships to "bowride" for long periods of time.

Long-beaked common dolphins, like all marine mammals, are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

NOAA Fisheries is committed to conserving and protecting long-beaked common dolphins. Our scientists and partners use a variety of innovative techniques to study, learn more about, and protect this species.

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CITES Appendix II

throughout its range

MMPA Protected

throughout its range

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