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Stream and Ocean Hydrodynamics Mediate Partial Migration Strategies in an Amphidromous Hawaiian Goby

Here, we use spatiotemporal variation in partial migration across populations of an amphidromous Hawaiian goby to test whether stream or ocean conditions favor completing its life cycle entirely within freshwater streams.
July 06, 2022 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

World Fish Migration Day 2022

Join us in celebrating World Fish Migration Day 2022! Learn more about how NOAA helps migratory fish and communities by opening or improving access to river and stream habitat.
750x500shutterstock_666342400_04272019.jpg Atlantic salmon leaps upstream. Credit: Shutterstock

Warming Poses “Catastrophic” Threat to Snake River Sockeye

Depressed survival likely to decline by another 80 percent, projections show.
September 30, 2020 - Feature Story ,
sockeye salmon.jpg

Salmon Life History Research in California’s Central Valley

Our team uses microchemical analyses to quantify salmon life history diversity across freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems to improve conservation, management, and recovery.

Biophysical Ecology Research on California Salmon and Green Sturgeon

Our team merges biophysics, ecology, and physiology to study anadromous fish populations in California's Central Valley.

Salmon Lose Diversity in Managed Rivers, Reducing Resilience to Environmental Change

Natural resilience is more important than ever in the face of unprecedented climate change.
December 05, 2019 - Feature Story ,
Smolt in hand

Reopening Cape Fear River to Migration Benefits Both Fish and People

NOAA and partners’ work to restore North Carolina’s Cape Fear River will provide cleaner water and healthier habitat for migratory fish, while in turn supporting local communities and businesses.
May 29, 2019 - Feature Story ,
2019striper-fest_750x500_NC.jpg The StriperFest fishing competition is one of countless recreational opportunities on the Cape Fear River. Credit: Alan Cradick.

Reopening Rivers for Migratory Fish

Every year, millions of fish migrate to their native habitats to reproduce. They are often blocked from completing their journey. When fish can’t reach their habitat, they can’t grow their populations.

Reopening Rivers for Migratory Fish

Join us in celebrating World Fish Migration Day, April 21, 2018 and learn more about how NOAA Fisheries works to remove barriers to fish migration.
April 16, 2018 - Feature Story ,
fish migration 1170x780 -fish leap up stream AK.jpg