Oceanic Whitetip Sharks: A Plan for Recovery

Oceanic whitetip sharks, once abundant across the globe, are now listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. However, a forthcoming recovery plan is designed to help bring this species back from the brink.

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The humpback whale was entangled in line. The humpback whale was entangled in line. Credit: Metlakatla Indian Community Department of Fish and Wildlife, NOAA MMHSRP Permit No. 24359
Rosy rockfish swimming in deep rocky habitat Rosy rockfish (Sebastes rosaceus) among California hydrocoral, foliose sponges and strawberry anemones on rocky habitat at 50 meters. Credit: NOAA/CBNMS
Photos of three people appear side by side - a woman holding a bright red-orange fish, a man with glasses, and a man on a boat. The header of the photo reads "Citizen Science Spotlight." Photos courtesy of Marcy Dorflinger (left), Steve Leong (center), and Mark Sampson (right).
Multiple schools of colorful fish blanket a coral reef. Fish community on a reef offshore of Baker Island, a remote equatorial island. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Jeff Milisen