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Photo of Dr. Marysia Szymkowiak in a marina.

Marysia Szymkowiak

Research Social Scientist
Auke Bay Laboratories
Economic and Social Sciences Research Program
Email: marysia.szymkowiak@noaa.gov

Marysia Szymkowiak

Research Social Scientist

Marysia has a decade of experience conducting research on the human dimensions of Alaska’s fisheries. Her work focuses on how people derive value from and make choices about fisheries participation, and how ecological and management changes may affect that participation. 

Marysia applies mixed-methods approaches including participatory methods to ensure stakeholder engagement in the development of science in the North Pacific. Her current work focuses on understanding how Gulf of Alaska fishing communities may adapt to climate change as part of the Gulf of Alaska Climate Integrated Modeling Project; upward mobility and paths of entry for fisheries participants; and extending the incorporation of human dimensions within ecosystem based fisheries management as part of the Gulf of Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Assessment. 

Her previous work on fishing family adaptations in the Gulf of Alaska illuminated the diversity of strategies that fisheries stakeholders have employed in the past to adapt to changes in fisheries using focus groups across communities. She has also worked with fishing communities to understand how fishing participation provides for community well-being beyond livelihood. Marysia has researched the role of women internationally and in Alaska fisheries, highlighting their contribution to fishing family adaptive capacity and women’s unique vulnerabilities to shocks in fisheries systems. Marysia serves on numerous fisheries planning and review bodies where she focuses on improving the integration of human dimensions, including the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s (NPFMC) Social Science Planning Team, the NPFMC’s Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Plan Team, and the cross-regional Catch Shares Working Group.  

Marysia received her PhD from the University of Delaware in Marine Policy, her MA in International Environmental Policy from American University, and her BA from Rutgers University. She resides with her family in Juneau, Alaska, where she is frequently found on top of a mountain. 

Marysia’s research staff includes Breena Apgar-KurtzAndrew Steinkruger, and Abigail Sweetman.  

Current research projects

Previous research staff:

Melissa Rhodes-ReeseKelsi Furman