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Infographic: The Value of Opening Rivers for Fish

May 14, 2020

Learn how NOAA helps migratory fish and communities by opening river and stream habitat.


Download the full infographic (PDF, 1 page)

Every year, millions of fish migrate to their native habitats to reproduce. Some fish need to swim thousands of miles through oceans and rivers to reach these freshwater destinations. They are often blocked from completing their journey by human-made barriers, such as dams, culverts, and other obstacles. When fish can’t reach their habitat, their populations can’t be maintained or increased.

NOAA helps migratory fish navigate these barriers by adding options like fish lifts, fish ladders, bypasses, or by removing barriers completely. With the input, expertise, and support of our partners, we have conducted more than 700 fish passage projects. We have opened nearly 7,000 miles of river and stream habitat.

Last updated by Office of Habitat Conservation on May 14, 2020

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