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Commercial Closure for Gray Triggerfish in South Atlantic Federal Waters on April 17, 2019

FB19-022: South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Mary Vara,, (727) 824-5305
April 12, 2019 -

Closure of the Witch Flounder Trimester Total Allowable Catch Area

Effective at 0845 hours on April 12, 2019, statistical areas 512, 513, 514, 515, 521, 522, and 525 are closed for the remainder of Trimester 3, through April 30, 2019 to common pool vessels.
April 12, 2019 -

Final Rule Revises Annual Catch Limits for South Atlantic Vermilion Snapper and Black Sea Bass

FB19-021: South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Frank Helies, Sustainable Fisheries, 727-824-5305,
April 09, 2019 -

South Atlantic Black Sea Bass Recreational Season is Open

FB19-020: South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Nikhil Mehta, 727-551-5098,
April 08, 2019 -

Reminder: Gulf of Maine Cod and Haddock Recreational Measures

The recreational Gulf of Maine haddock fishery reopens April 15, 2019, and anglers may keep 12 fish, with a minimum size of 17 inches. Gulf of Maine cod continues to be prohibited.
April 04, 2019 -

Request for Comments: Proposed Modifications to Spiny Lobster Gear Requirements and Cooperative Management Procedure

FB19-019: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Kelli O’Donnell, 727-824-5305,
April 02, 2019 -

At-Sea Monitoring 2019 Coverage Levels and Reimbursement for Groundfish Sector Fishery

NOAA Fisheries announces that for fishing year 2019 the total target at-sea monitoring coverage level is 31 percent of all groundfish sector trips.
March 28, 2019 -