Evening fishing in the Pacific Islands.

Recreational Fishing Data

Making Improvements

We are continuously working to improve how we collect, analyze, and report information. Through improvements to current methods, the development of new approaches, and the integration of emerging technologies, the Marine Recreational Information Program supports the monitoring tools needed to accurately track fishing catch and effort in each region.

Improvement Process

To ensure the highest quality data for use in fisheries management, we work with our partners in a continuous process to develop and implement improvements. The process produces recommended changes that adhere to rigorous national standards, while remaining flexible enough to meet unique regional needs.

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Program Improvements

Our success is based on vital input from our state and regional partners, stakeholders, and external reviews. To ensure that management decisions are made with the most accurate information possible, we are committed to ongoing improvements to our survey and estimation methods.

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MRIP Projects

Since 2008, the program has funded survey improvement projects and survey program reviews in all regions of the U.S. and its territories. Projects include using electronic reporting tools, improving effort estimates via mail surveys, and increasing the precision of estimates.

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To promote nationwide consistency in recreational catch and effort data, we use a rigorous certification process for assuring that survey and estimation methods are scientifically sound. Once certified, the method is available for potential funding and use by our state and regional partners.

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