Swim into Sea Turtle Week

Sea turtles are a key part of marine ecosystems worldwide but face many threats today. NOAA works to protect and conserve six sea turtle species found in U.S. waters. All are threatened or endangered.

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A loggerhead turtle swims through bright blue water. The surface is barely visible at the top of the frame. A loggerhead sea turtle swimming in a deep blue open ocean. Credit: Adobe Stock
Makah Tribe in hand-carved canoes The Makah Tribe long hunted whales in hand-carved canoes, such as this one landing at Neah Bay on the Olympic Peninsula about 1900. They voluntarily stopped hunting gray whales in 1928 as commercial whaling depleted the species, which has since recovered in the eastern Pacific. Photo courtesy Museum of History and Industry, Negative Number 88.33.122.
Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina. Credit: Jae Schmitz
Dead bottlenose dolphin on the beach. Bottlenose dolphin. Credit: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Many docked fishing boats at a coastal community at sunrise. Docked fishing boats at Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon. Credit: iStock