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Green wetlands with a blue sky overhead Coastal wetlands in Louisiana. Credit: Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.
A photo of dense fields of Lophelia pertusa, a common reef-building coral, found on the Blake Plateau knolls. The corals are white in color, which is healthy - deep-sea corals don’t rely on symbiotic algae so they can’t bleach. Researchers discovered thriving Lophelia pertusa reefs in a region farther offshore and in deeper water than other known Lophelia reefs in the U.S. Atlantic. This image of “Million Mounds” shows healthy habitat with extremely high live coral cover. Credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration.
Satellite image of Earth Planet Earth covered in large forest fires and dark smoke due to climate change and deforestation. Credit: Storyblocks.
Diver records information on coral reefs Diver conducts towboard surveys at Midway Atoll. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.
Photo looking down on a gray tiger shark caught on a line and brought up to water surface. Tiger shark caught by longline on a NOAA Fisheries’ Apex Predators Program research survey. This shark was tagged with a conventional tag (seen in the photo below the dorsal fin) from the NOAA Fisheries' Cooperative Shark Tagging Program before release. Credit: NOAA Fisheries