New Research Shows First Successful Demonstration of Assisted Gene Flow in Corals

A new study suggests that large-scale assisted gene flow can efficiently enhance the genetic diversity and adaptability of threatened marine species in the face of rapid environmental changes.

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Hispanic Heritage Month collage of NOAA Fisheries staff Hispanic Heritage Month collage of NOAA Fisheries staff. Credit: NOAA Fisheries
Photo of Stranded Harbor Seal Pup A stranded Pacific harbor seal pup is examined at World Vets marine mammal urgent care clinic in Gig Harbor, Washington, 2020.
Two North Atlantic right whales swim, one behind the other, from right to left side of the image Two North Atlantic right whales, 2018. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Tim Cole
Three anglers on a boat with a fishing rod that's bending and looks to have a fish on. Return 'Em Right will give anglers the tools and skills to successfully release reef fish so they live to help improve the overall health of reef fish fisheries. Credit: Return 'Em Right
Large black and white sea turtle swims in the blue ocean with yellow and black striped fish One of the funded projects will include innovative technology to understand the impacts of fisheries gear entanglement on endangered leatherback sea turtles. Credit: Jason Isley/Scubazoo.