Celebrating Habitat Month 2021: Connecting Habitat, Climate, and Communities

Dive into Habitat Month and learn more about the role and connection of healthy coastal habitats to our nation’s communities and ecosystems as our climate changes.

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5472 x 3648-sharks.jpg Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Andrew Gery
friends-of-the-detroit-river_sugar-island_750x500.jpg Sugar Island in the Detroit River. Credit: Friends of the Detroit River.
Mahi mahi filets on a grill. Grilled mahi mahi. Credit: Shutterstock.
Plate of pollock Caesar salad on a table. Alaska pollock Caesar salad. Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.
The first U.S. fish commissioner Spencer Baird and colleagues conducting research in Little Harbor, Massachusetts. First U.S. Fish Commissioner Spencer Baird (on shore, at right) and colleagues seining in Little Harbor, Woods Hole, circa 1875. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/NEFSC Historical Collection.