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Port and Algonquin Pipeline Operation, Maintenance and Repair in Massachusetts Bay (2016-2017)


Marine Mammal Protection Act
Action Status
Affected Species
North Atlantic Right Whale
Fin Whale
Humpback Whale
Sei Whale
Minke Whale
Killer Whale
Long-Finned Pilot Whale
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
Common Bottlenose Dolphin
Short-Beaked Common Dolphin
Risso’s Dolphin
Harbor Porpoise
Gray Seal
Harbor Seal


NOAA Fisheries has issued an IHA to Northeast Gateway Energy Bridge, L.P. and Algonquin Gas Transmission, L.L.C. for authorization under the MMPA to take small numbers of 14 species of marine mammals, by Level B harassment, incidental to operating, maintaining, and repairing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port and the Algonquin Pipeline Lateral (Pipeline Lateral) facilities in Massachusetts Bay.

Federal Register

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