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Discovering Deep-Sea Sponges in Alaska

Hundreds of species have yet to be described in the ecosystems that support Alaska’s valuable commercial fisheries.
September 02, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Underwater photo of a pink fish hiding inside a conical yellow sponge. A pregnant sharpchin rockfish shelters within a sponge on the seafloor off Alaska. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

The 2018 Eastern Bering Sea Continental Shelf and Northern Bering Sea Trawl Surveys: Results for Commercial Crab Species

The eastern Bering Sea bottom trawl survey has been conducted annually since 1975 by the Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering Division of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service. The purpose of this survey is to collect data on the distribution and abundance of crab, groundfish, and other benthic resources in the eastern Bering Sea. These data are used to estimate population abundance and biomass for the management of commercially important species. This document includes the time series of results from 1975 to the present. In 2018, 375 total stations were sampled on the eastern Bering Sea shelf from 3 June to 31 July.
March 21, 2019 - Technical Memo ,

Alaska Shellfish Additional Research

Shellfish Assessment Research.
Close up view of a crab's face

Alaska Shellfish Current Research

Shellfish Assessment Research.
Graph showing shellfish depth through the day

Alaska Shellfish Disease Research

Researchers have been studying Bitter Crab Syndrome, a potentially fatal disease, that can affect southern Tanner crab and snow crab in the eastern Bering Sea, Alaska.
Underside of two crabs

Alaska Shellfish Ocean Acidification and Climate Research

Effects of ocean acidification on Snow crab reproduction and early life history.
Close view of a scientific instrument

Alaska Shellfish Growth Research

Growth per molt of Bering sea Tanner crab.
Small pool filled with plastic containers with blue tops

Alaska Shellfish Culture Research

Shellfish Assessment Program scientists conduct research that investigates larval crab settlement behavior, cannibalism/predation, use of critical habitats, as well as comparative growth studies.
red king crab 1retouched.jpg

Alaska Crab Research

Each year bottom trawl surveys are conducted to assess the distribution and abundance of commercially important crab resources in the eastern Bering Sea in addition to laboratory research for forecast abundance models to maintain sustainable fisheries.
Pile of crabs