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Top 5 Shark Videos and More

August 10, 2020

Every week is Shark Week with our top shark features and videos.

sharks swimming under the water

Check out our shark features and top five shark videos to get a closer look at how we conserve and study these top ocean predators. Sharks play an important role in the food web, helping to ensure balance in the ocean’s ecosystem.


Tiger shark. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries manages commercial and recreational shark fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean. We work with three regional fishery management councils to conserve and sustainably manage sharks in the Pacific Ocean. We conduct research, assess stocks, work with U.S. fishermen, and implement restrictions on shark harvests. Through these actions, we have made significant progress toward ending overfishing and rebuilding overfished stocks for long-term sustainability.

Explore shark stories and videos below to learn more about shark science and sustainability.

Shark Features

Sharks in Atlantic Coastal Waters

Sharks are found in coastal waters along the East Coast, and some species populations are on the rise. But your chances of interacting with one are still very low.

Learn more about sharks in Atlantic coastal waters


Are All U.S. Sharks Overfished?

The majority of sharks harvested in the United States are species with above-target population levels. And we have rebuilding plans for all overfished species.

Learn more about U.S. shark populations


The Curious Case of a Shark and a Cephalopod

The Hawaii Community Tagging Program engaged in a collaborative effort to record an amazing encounter.

Learn more about the curious case of a shark and a cephalopod


12 Shark Facts that May Surprise You

Sharks don't have bones but they have great eyesight. Learn something new about sharks.

Learn more shark facts


Shark Videos

1. Atlantic Recreational Shark Fishing: Handling and Release

Learn more about prohibited shark identification, including dusky and other ridgeback sharks, and tips for safe handling and release. This video includes information on permitting and regulations for recreational shark fishing in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Learn more about Atlantic shark fishing

Learn more about catch and release best practices

2. Shark Conservation and the Spiny Dogfish

Tobey Curtis, a NOAA Fisheries shark researcher, talks about the importance of shark conservation and describes his work with spiny dogfish conservation in the Atlantic Ocean. By conducting stock assessments and surveys, we established a recovery plan to rebuild the spiny dogfish population which had been overfished for much of the 1990s and 2000s.

Learn more about Atlantic spiny dogfish

3. A Symphony of Sharks

NOAA Fisheries proudly presents an ode to sharks and shark research.

4. A Mako Shark’s Last Meal

See a NOAA Fisheries biologist, Antonella Preti, perform a gut analysis on a 12-foot shortfin mako shark weighing 1,323 pounds. By analyzing the contents of shark stomachs, we help build a database of who eats who eats who in the ocean. This is an essential tool in managing fisheries.

5. A Mako Shark’s Last Meal – Part 2: The Shark Bite Effect

In 2013, the world record mako shark was caught off the coast of California. Scientists discovered an adult sea lion in its stomach, which you can experience in part 1 above.

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