Greater Atlantic Region Habitat and Ecosystem Services Division

GARFO's Habitat and Ecosystem Services Division encompasses habitat conservation programs, aquaculture, wind energy, climate change, and essential fish habitat consultations.

Greater Atlantic Region Habitat and Ecosystem Services Division

55 Great Republic Drive
NOAA Fisheries Service
Gloucester, MA, 01930
Phone: (978) 281-9300
Fax: (978) 281-9207

Key Contacts

Lou Chiarella

Assistant Regional Administrator for Habitat and Ecosystem Services Division
Phone: (978) 281-9277

Chris Boelke

New England Field Office Supervisor
Phone: (978) 281-9131

Karen Greene

Mid-Atlantic Field Office Supervisor and EFH Coordinator
Phone: (732) 872-3023

Peter Burns

Acting Chief Ecosystem Management Branch
Phone: 978-281-9144

Susan Tuxbury

BOEM Activities/Hydropower
Phone: (978) 281-9176

Mike Johnson

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist for Northern MA, NH, and ME
Phone: 978-281-9130

Bill McDavitt

Hydropower (Contractor)
Phone: (978) 675-2156

Sean McDermott

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist/Hydropower Coordinator
Phone: (978) 281-9113

David Stevenson

Fishery Management Council Coodinator
Phone: (978) 281-9118

Jill Ortiz

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist
Phone: (978) 281-9312

Sharon Benjamin

(Contractor) Wind Activities
Phone: (978) 281-6197

Kathy Middleton

Division Secretary
Phone: (978) 281-9102

Kelly Kastritsios

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (732) 872-3039

Keith Hanson

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist/DE, PA, southern NJ
Phone: (410) 267-5650

Alison Verkade

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist for CT, RI, Southern MA
Phone: (978) 281-9266

David L. O'Brien

Marine Habitat Resource Specialist/Virginia
Phone: (804) 684-7828

Kevin Madley

Regional Aquaculture Coordinator
Phone: (978) 282-8494

Christopher Schillaci

Regional Aquaculture Coordinator
Phone: (978) 281-9311

Benjamin German

Environmental Specialist (Contractor)
Phone: (978) 281-9353


Maryland Field Office

Habitat Conservation and Ecosystem Management Division
Phone: (410) 267-5650

Virginia Field Office

Phone: 804-684-7828

New Jersey Field Office

Phone: (732) 872-3023