Shortfin Mako Catch and Release

Keeping shark populations healthy is the responsibility of everyone who catches shortfin mako or other sharks. Help NOAA Fisheries by reporting the mako sharks you catch and release.

Healthy populations of shortfin mako and other sharks in the North Atlantic Ocean are important to recreational and commercial fishermen, and to maintaining a balanced ocean ecosystem. Releasing a shortfin mako today helps keep the population and fishery strong for years to come.

Shortfin Mako Catch and Release Map 

Click on the map points to learn more about the shortfin mako sharks caught and released in those locations. Submit your shortfin mako shark information below to add it to the map.




Shortfin Mako Shark Catch and Release Reporting Form

Thank you for releasing a shortfin mako shark. Please support our efforts by submitting the details of your catch on this form, and put your mako on the map. The information on this form, except for email address, will be made publicly available.


You can obtain tags by contacting the Apex Predators Program at the NOAA Fisheries Narragansett Laboratory.