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Resources for Fishing in the Greater Atlantic Region

Information on the permits (vessel, dealer and operator permits) and other fishing authorizations that are required in order to participate in the Greater Atlantic Region’s fisheries. This includes data reports and analyses to support and evaluate the region’s fishery management programs.

Notice to Fishing Vessel Owners and Operators

We recently published a final rule implementing electronic VTR requirements for most federally permitted commercial fisheries and New England For-Hire Vessels. This rule will require federally-permitted vessels with reporting requirements to submit all of their vessel trip reports electronically, beginning November 10, 2021. This action does not apply to lobster-only permitted vessels, which currently have no mandatory reporting requirement. However, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has recommended and we are considering federal trip reporting requirements for Federal lobster-only vessels. Use this decision tree to help you decide if you need to use eVTR and what eVTR option to use.

Vessel owners and operators are encouraged to transition to electronic reporting as soon as possible. Fish Online provides cross-platform electronic reporting of fishing activity data. 

For more information, see the rule summary. As we develop new educational and outreach material, we will update our websites and share the new information through our social media outlets.

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Understanding Fisheries Management in the United States

NOAA Fisheries is responsible for managing marine fisheries within the U.S. exclusive economic zone. Learn more about the sustainable management of our marine fisheries.